Long Island Marine Refrigeration Repair Service and More

As one of the leading marine refrigeration repair providers in Long Island and New York, we at SeaBreeze Marine Air, LLC offer quality solutions that ensure that refrigeration units are maintained for the overall benefit of the crew on board.

Why Do You Need Refrigeration Systems for Your Boat?

For one, food and drinks are vital supplies for the boat’s passengers and crew. If you are a boat owner, there is no denying that you need to have well-preserved rations that will get you going, especially for extended periods of being out at sea. Another reason why refrigeration units are vital is that it keeps garbage from further spoiling. Sailors of old have long been victims of illnesses acquired during their stay in open waters, partly because of sanitation issues. With the rise of modern technology and refrigeration units, these illnesses are now a thing of the past! So, the question really is why aren’t you installing a quality refrigeration unit for your boat?

Let’s face it, you need the proper refrigeration system for your boat, and we have exactly what you need! We provide marine refrigeration repairs and other similar services for brands such as Marine Air Systems, Cruisair, Dometic Group, and AC Marine, so if you have these brands installed on your own boat, partner with us so we can provide you with the right services for your brands. With SeaBreeze, you are guaranteed procedures that are up to the latest in marine refrigeration standards.

What Does This Mean for You?

You are guaranteed the best repair, maintenance, and installation services! We strive to attain the happiness of our clients, and we don’t use our words to make you believe us, we use our actions to prove our worth.

So give us a call today! We at SeaBreeze Marine Air, LLC are ready to provide your boat’s refrigeration system with exceptional services. Send us an email or message us by visiting our CONTACT US page to partner with us. We operate within Long Island and New York City, as well as the state of Connecticut. If you happen to be a boat owner residing in those areas, contact us to avail of our exclusive offers!