If you’re a boat owner, then you already know that installing regular air conditioning systems in a room is a lot different from marine air conditioning installation along Long Island, NY; that is, installing AC systems for your boat. After all, boats are meant to float above huge bodies of water unlike regular structures which are built on land. This means that the wirings, as well as the other connections and mounting needed for marine air conditioners, are also designed specifically for a structure that floats on water.

There’s also the fact that boat interiors are usually much tighter and much narrower than your house’s living room, so hooking up wires inside its walls, ceiling, or floor will need a lot more patience and precision. Especially mind, also, not to damage the hull in any way, or it’s goodbye precious yacht and hello more pricey repairs.

Sounds like troublesome work? Say no more! It’s time for you to call for professional service, and there’s only one choice if you’re truly in need of marine air conditioning installation — and that is SeaBreeze Marine Air, LLC!

Our installation process involves many stages. The very first thing to consider is a suitable location for the AC. Next, there’s also the size of the compartment in which the air conditioning system will be placed, in relation to the size of the system itself. We then connect the system to a power supply before we work it into the boat’s different parts, such as the hull, the ducts, and the grills.

We work with well-known brands such as Dometic Group and AC Marine, which is enough proof of the quality of the service we deliver. We provide honest and reliable service, so rest assured that the job will be done with utmost care and precision! Hire SeaBreeze Marine Air, LLC now for the best results when it comes to marine AC installation in Long Island, NY!